Agricultural Merchants

At Diamond’s of Renvyle, we stock all farm supplies with free delivery within a 20 mile radius of the centre.

Below is a brief list of what we stock:

  • Fencing – Barrier, Farm & Snow Fencing; Also Fence & Gate Posts
  • Wire & Drainage Products – Construction and Fencing & Barbed Wire
  • Garden and Farm Equipment – Wheelbarrows, Gates, etc.
  • Animal Feeders & Coal Bunkers – Feeding & Storage containers
  • Animal Feeds – A large selection of all Animal feeds (Sheep, Cows, Horses, Pigs, Hens & Dogs)
  • Hay, Straw and Equi Haylage
  • Bedding – Shavings & Straw Chip Bales
  • Building Supplies – Cement, Blocks, etc.
  • Heating Supplies– Polish and Smokeless Coal, BNM Peat Briquettes, Calor Gas and Wood Burner Pellets.
  • We also have a large selection of Fertilizers.





BNM Peat Briquettes




Selection of Superflame & Supertherm Smokeless and Traditional Polish and House Coal



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